About Us

Private secondary school “Sveti Nikola” and Private secondary medical school “Hipokrat” from city of Novi Sad in Serbia, have successfully performed the activities of secondary vocational education since 2005.

Today, classes in our school center are daily attended by 300 regular students. Classes are held in two new school buildings with a total area of ​​over 3000m2, including 22 classrooms equipped with the latest equipment in accordance with applicable standards and norms, an indoor sports facility (for basketball, football, volleyball and tennis), 3 outdoor sports facilities (concrete and artificial grass), 30 parking spaces, and 6500m2 of schoolyard for leisure activities.

Classes are held in small groups to a maximum of 20 students, which allows an individual approach to each student, resulting in a build-up and development of personal motivation as the basis for achieving the results of appropriate capabilities of the individuals.

All our teachers meet the standards prescribed by law in respect of the professional qualifications and work experience.

Schools have signed contracts and have had a successful cooperation with many prestigious organizations from all over Serbia (hospitals, clinical centers, health centers, pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, pre-schools, unions, professional associations, academic institutions, etc.). Therefore, we provide professional practice and practical training for all educational profiles.

In addition to working with regular school students, “Sveti Nikola” and “Hipokrat” have had ten years of experience in working with irregular students, ie. through adult education with the aim of further development and education in the form of additional training, retraining and specialization in the following fields (areas of operation): economics, law, medicine, commerce, tourism, catering, transport, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, security, fire protection, etc.

For all the educational profiles, (3rd, 4th, 5th grade) a total of 99, the school is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia, and our diploma is recognized in the countries of European Union.

Secondary school “Sveti Nikola” and Secondary medical school “Hipokrat” have a very flexible and adjusted approach in dealing with irregular students. In the past 10 years a large number of iregular students have finished our school. We are ensured that we have developed a good system of work in terms of preparatory classes, the study literature, as well as monitoring the progress of each candidate.

Secondary school “Sveti Nikola


Secondary medical school “Hipokrat